"Pure religion and undefiled is to visit the widows and the orphans in their affliction, and to keep ourselves unspotted from the world."

James 1:27

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Barratt Ministries is a non-profit ministry dedicated to sharing true discipleship teaching, and challenging Christians to live the lifestyle that Jesus taught in the ‘Sermon on the Mount’. We have been doing this since the late 70s through the mediums of preaching, singing and literature. We produce books, CDs, DVDs,  and other digital media, to get our message out - one we believe is vital for the church today.

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Maurice Barratt has already written a book on the subject, which was launched at the conference. For more information, Click here


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Back in May 2015,

Barratt Ministries held a conference on the subject of Intercession. The sessions are




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In these last days, there is a clear call for God's people to 'come out' of Babylon (Revelation 18:4). What does this mean? What is Babylon? Well, Maurice Barratt has been studying this vital subject for well over 15 years and wishes to share with all that have ears to hear, exactly what the Bible has to say about it. It's origin, end and purpose in the plan of God, together with it's defining marks are just some of the things that will be shared in this series. Prepare to have your traditional views challenged by this mind-blowing analysis of the oldest and only false religion that embraces all others in today’s world.

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"Babylon, from its beginnings in Genesis to its culmination in the seduction of the church today. This is not a speculative ‘end-times study’ but a biblical survey of a subject we all need to understand."

Maurice Barratt



Jesus said 'If any man wants to come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me...'

Matthew 16:24

 As Christians, our salvation rests fully upon the work of Christ. The fact that Jesus denied himself and took up his cross is the reason we are saved today...However, Jesus didn't leave things there, but made a clear invitation to all who desire to follow him and share in his coming inheritance and Kingdom.. This invitation is known as:

The Call To Discipleship...

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Babylon Series promotional video - Maurice Barratt

Has there ever been a greater need for intercession as there is today? In this soon coming (revised) series, Maurice Barratt explores not only what intercession is, but also it's purpose, and an often overlooked key which he believes we need if we want to move the heart of God. In his words it's important that we 'become the person, that God will listen to...'

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...was I prepared for God to be the Lord of my life? Could I honestly say, "Thy will be done"...

Experiences from Life

by Joanna Barratt


God can't be everything to us until he's all we've got...

The day should have been wonderful. It was Nathan's 2nd birthday and I was almost 3 months pregnant, but then I saw the blood. Panic rose inside me and I found it very difficult to think clearly but I rushed to the phone and spoke with the doctor. She told me to stay where I was and promised that she would be round to see me within the hour. After a brief check up she said that my body was trying to tell me, through these warning signals, that I was doing too much rushing round after a 2-year-old, and the best thing I could do now was rest as much as possible with my feet up (which, in the circumstances, I thought was quite laughable.) She then told me that if the bleeding continued I was to go round to the maternity hospital and let them examine me and it was her opinion that they would probably keep me in for a few days to rest whilst I got over this difficult period....


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For many years Maurice and Joanna have travelled extensively both throughout the UK and abroad. They will prayerfully consider any invitation to speak because they are so passionate about discipleship and challenging Christians to live and experience what Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount. If you would like to get in touch with them please complete the following form:

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