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"Pure religion and undefiled is to visit the widows and the orphans in their affliction, and to keep ourselves unspotted from the world."

James 1:27


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For many years Maurice and Joanna have traveled extensively both throughout the UK and abroad. They will prayerfully consider any invitation to speak because they are so passionate about discipleship and challenging Christians to live and experience what Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount. If you would like to get in touch with them please complete the following form:

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Barratt Ministries is a non-profit ministry dedicated to sharing true discipleship teaching, and challenging Christians to live the lifestyle that Jesus taught in the ‘Sermon on the Mount’. We have been doing this since the late 70s through the mediums of preaching, singing and literature. We produce books, CDs, DVDs,  and other digital media, to get our message out - one we believe is vital for the church today.


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"Babylon, from its beginnings in Genesis to its culmination in the seduction of the church today. This is not a speculative ‘end-times study’ but a biblical survey of a subject we all need to understand."

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I have never seen in any church anything to compare with what I witnessed with my own eyes 20 years ago in my own church. I was brought up on a miraculous ministry. The miracles were so impressive that Granada television,at their own expense, produced an hour long documentary of the events going on in the church and showed it on television at peak viewing time to millions of people. This documentary was later shown in many countries of the world and people from Greenland, Iceland and many outlandish places came to the church looking for God’s healing power. The highlight of our yearly calendar used to be a Divine Healing Crusade when we would invite everybody, Christian and non Christian alike, to attend. We were never disappointed, tremendous things always took place. But one year the minister did something very unusual. He told us not to invite friends, church members or people who were sick because God had told him to hold a crusade particularly for the church members and that he should speak from the Sermon on the Mount. I was 26 then, and had been attending the church since I was 9. During the course of all those years I’d learned very much about God. I’d also become very involved in church activities when at the age of 15 I’d become the church organist, church secretary, and had been asked to join a musical gospel group as a singer. The church had answered so many of my needs and had helped me through many traumatic and lonely years after leaving home at the age of 16. Yes, God had been of tremendous ‘value’ to me, and I was glad that I was a Christian. But the Sermon on the Mount was different, I found that I wasn’t being faced with Christianity but with discipleship, and I had to ask myself the question, “Am I of any ‘value’ to God?”


A Personal Challenge


God began to challenge me about the practical things a Christian should do like praying, fasting, almsgiving. To be honest, I’d never heard a sermon on almsgiving so I didn’t know what it really was. As far as fasting was concerned this was something I thought people did when someone was dying or in dire need. I didn’t realise that these were things a disciple was expected to do as a lifestyle. I know for sure that this crusade for the church had been inspired by God because after 6 meetings a week for a whole month, the minister had only gone through the first 8 verses of Matthew 5, and the effect on the church was so devastating that he promised us he would continue to preach the Sermon on the Mount until he had finished … it took 5 years! Those who had ears to hear in the church were turned upside down, and I was one of them. During this intensive teaching, God challenged me to fast for a whole week on water. It was a frightening prospect for me because I’d never gone one whole day, let alone a week. I knew in my heart that if I stayed at home I would find it too easy to give in to temptation, so I hired a holiday cottage where there was no food to tempt me. I arrived at the cottage equipped with bible, hymnal and a book that contained a diary of the prophecies, visions and words of encouragement God had given me over the years. The house seemed so cold and lonely. I looked around to see what facilities there were. I tried the television and found that it didn’t work, there was no radio or cassette player, and the telephone had a lock on which meant I could only receive calls! I panicked - God had challenged me to spend a week with Him, but I didn’t know Him. He was a stranger to me. I must admit I expected some tremendous experiences during this week, but all I discovered was how self-centred, carnal and unspiritual I was. I think this was one of the hardest weeks God has ever asked me to live through, and I have to confess I couldn't wait for the 7th day to be completed.


Giving God Rights


In one respect I think it’s a relatively easy thing to give God your life because you can pass over all your burdens and problems and know He’ll take care of them. But it’s a very different matter if God decides to accept your gift and use your life. This experience of fasting showed me that, until now, whatever I had given to God I had given of my free will … things I had wanted to give Him … but now God had decided to put demands on me and ask for things that I would never have dreamed of giving to Him, and I found this to be very disconcerting and costly. And because I didn’t refuse to give God this week, I found that He began to work in my life and do things that I never expected. Throughout my school days I was chosen to sing solos in concerts, festivals, etc. It was a natural progression for me to sing and play the organ in the church because that’s where my talent lay - in music. By the time I was 26 I had fulfilled a lot of my ambitions, making records and cassettes, and was even being paid an astronomical amount as a session singer with a company who produced radio and television jingles. Life for me as a singer couldn’t have been better, I was given a regular platform and recognition both inside and outside the church. But after this fast, God spoke and said He wanted me give up all my activities in the church. At first I doubted that God could say something like this, but I knew His voice and He proved to me (in quite a drastic way) that I had heard correctly. I obeyed what He was asking, despite much protest from people.


“You Need to be Humbled!”


One day a member of the church asked me why I’d stepped down from the platform and I told her that God had told me to do so. She then told me something that surprised me greatly. Apparently for a few weeks she had been fasting and praying for me because she was concerned, and God had told her I’d been in the limelight far too long and I needed to be humbled!! Coming from another person I might have been very offended, but she’d just told me that she’d fasted and prayed for me and I accepted gratefully what she told me. I had never felt so close to God. I knew that at this specific period in my life I was doing His will and not fulfilling my own ambitions and desires, and yet for all that, within a matter of a few weeks I was out of the church followed by terrible wicked rumors. I’ve noticed people can only judge appearances. Whilst I was on view working in the church, they thought I was spiritual, but once I was off the platform and obeying God it seemed as though I lost all the protection that the platform offered me, and the devil made a vicious attack and caused people to question why I’d stepped down … and they came to natural conclusions thinking that I’d fallen into sin and had had to be disciplined, and all their secret jealousy and envy really came to the fore as I found out what they really thought of me. The brutality and viciousness of my “brothers and sisters” in the church was just too much and I ended up leaving, and almost lost my salvation. But it was during this period of desolation that God really began to build my life up from scratch as, He laid new foundations in my heart. He showed me how, for all these years, I had been serving the church instead of serving Him.


A New Beginning


A year after this experience I started my Christianity again, but this time without the props of being on church platforms and singing in public. When I read my bible now it was because I wanted to know God. When I prayed now it was because I wanted to commune with God, and it wasn’t for what I could pass on to others in the church because I was in a position of authority. As far as I was concerned I thought my singing career in the church was finished completely, and said: “God gives, God takes away, blessed is the name of the Lord” .Yet God was very merciful to me and 3 years later He put me back in the ministry, but this time I’d had a “heart transplant” and my attitude towards my service for God was totally different and has never gone backwards to what it was before. I thank God for taking hold of this life of mine and making me do what I didn’t want to do, because I know that His way is best. “The Lord knows the way that I take, and when He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold” (Job 23:10).


Experiences from Life

by Joanna Barratt


My Greatest Challenge...

"But it was during this period of desolation that God... showed me how, for all these years, I had been serving the church instead of serving Him."


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